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Hi! Nice to meet you! We are Julia and Milton and we want to tell you about our project.

When we live in Europe, we find in the bathrooms there the perfect refuge to relax and wash the body and soul on the grayest of days. Years later, when we returned to Brazil, we missed a space like this one. A bathroom where you feel at home away from home. Where you appreciate the now and leave behind what saddens you. Where you renew your energies and strengthen your sense of community. Soon São Paulo will have this place, Casa D'Jahú | Banho Urbano, and we invite you to live this experience with us.

Following the culture and tradition of bathhouses around the world, we want to unite diverse people through individual and collective well-being. At Banho Urbano you can enjoy a dry sauna, steam bath, foot bath and cold immersion bath, rest in the hot tub, sunbathe, read a book, take a nap in the hammock or meditate in front of the fireplace. In our tea house you will find the perfect menu for a light and healthy meal. You will also be able to schedule extra services like; relaxing massage, herbal ritual or the traditional hammam. And all this alongside those who make you happy! There is no gender segregation at Banho Urbano. Unity and acceptance of oneself and the other are fundamental parts of the experience of welcome, belonging and equality that we propose to you.

And here is what you can't do… The use of bathing suits in wet areas (saunas, hot tubs, immersion baths, showers and foot baths). Yes, here you can bathe properly, without clothes! In the solarium nudity is allowed and optional. In other parts of the house you must cover yourself with a towel or a robe. Here, cell phones and electronic devices are not allowed, same for any type of drugs, licit or illicit, we ask you to not speak loudly and to not disrespect the personal space of other guests.

Most important of all: Banho Urbano IS NOT A SEXUAL ENVIRONMENT. Here, happy ending is you ending your visit happy, planning another day of recollection, peace and tranquility with us. 🙂 Social nudity has nothing to do with sexual behavior. While you're here, avoid any physical displays of affection. No, not even holding hands – leave that for other places and occasions.

Inappropriate behavior such as 'talking around'; and 'intrusive' staring will not be tolerated. At Banho Urbano we ask you to look other people in the eyes only. And here's our proposal: take this habit for life.

To ensure Banho Urbano will always be a safe and respectful environment, as we find in other places in the world, you can only visit it if you are invited or recommended by someone who has already been here. Yes, we're sure you already know someone, just look it up.

Now that you know a little about our house, we would like to say that it is open to you, if you are open to it.

Welcome! Come on in! Leave the world outside and find yourself inside.

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