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Do I need to make a reservation?

Yes, before visiting Banho Urbano you must make your reservation via WhatsApp, just click here. Currently, only people indicated by those who have been to Banho Urbano can enter. Massage sessions and other services must also be scheduled in advance.

The website says swimwear is not allowed. Does this mean all visitors will be naked?

Yup. In the bathing area all visitors will be naked. This is the best way to shower for many reasons. In a sauna session, for example, the body temperature increases evenly, without heating up more in regions covered by bathing suits. In addition, swimsuits, bikinis, swimming trunks and shorts are the perfect place for bacterias that end up being transferred to immersion baths.

Are there specific days or times for men and women?

No, we believe that we are all equal and should respect all bodies, regardless of gender. And it's worth repeating: Banho Urbano is not a sexual and behaviors in that sense will not be tolerated and punished by law.

What is the minimum age to visit Banho Urbano?

On normal days, Banho Urbano is open to people over 16 years old. Under 18s will only be accepted if accompanied by parents or legal guardians, who must sign a consent and responsibility term. The last Saturdays of every month is  for families use only. You will be able to make a reservation only if accompanied by minors you are legally responsible for or parents over 60 years old.

Keep in mind that under 21s pay only BRL 75 for a 3-hour session.

Do you offer towels or robes?

Yes, we have towels and bathrobes for rental but you can also bring your own! You should ideally bring two towels, one for you to sit in the sauna and the other for drying off at the end of your visit. Bathrobes must be worn at the tea house for hygienic reasons.

How long can I stay at Banho Urbano?

We have 3 hours sessions at Banho Urbano but you can stay longer if you want. Each additional (incomplete) hour costs BRL 60.

Can I schedule a massage and bath on the same day?

Yes. When scheduling your massage on the same day as your session at Banho Urbano, the duration of your massage is part of the three-hour session booked. If you choose to schedule just the massage, you must check availability directly with the masseur.

Do I need a referral to make an appointment?

Yes, to ensure that the harmony and environment of balance and respect built in tBanho Urbano remain unchanged, we only make appointments for acquaintances or for people referred by whom we already know.

How do I buy a gift card?

You can purchase your gift card in person during your visit or via WhatsApp. The gift card is personal and non-transferable, and the recipient will be considered your guest.

Does Banho Urbano have lost and found?

Yes, we store items in our lost and found for two weeks.

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