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1. Communal bathing is a world cultural heritage that must be experienced, respected and preserved by all people.

2. Banho Urbano's mission is stimulate unity and well-being on both personal and collective level, by providing moments of retreat, peace and tranquility.


3. At Banho Urbano, you must practice respect, politeness and cordiality, always praising for diversity, equality and unity of all people you meet during your visit.


4. At Banho Urbano, you must not consume or sell any type of drug, licit or illicit.


5. You may not visit Banho Urbano under the influence of licit or illicit drugs. Consumption of substances that alter your state of consciousness combined with high temperatures and thermal shocks can be harmful to your health.


6. Banho Urbano does not accept or authorize the entry and use of any type of electronic device during your visit.


7. You can only visit the Urban Bath after reading, agreeing and signing ourTerm of Behavior and Responsibility (a.k.a. The Banho Urbano Manifest)


8. Banho Urbano does not have restricted and/or gender-specific schedules and/or services. Unity and acceptance of yourself and the other people around you are fundamental for creating an experience of welcoming, belonging and equality.


9. Banho Urbano is not and will never be a sexual environment. Avoid any physical displays of affection during your visit.


10. Always respect other people's personal space.


11. Inappropriate behavior and intrusive stares are not tolerated and must be reported immediately to the Banho Urbano staff.


12. Leave your clothes and all accessories in the locker room. Metal objects can get very hot during sauna sessions.


13. For hygienic reasons, cover yourself with a towel or bathrobe when not in the bathing and resting area.


14. Always wear a bathrobe in the cafeteria and in the courtyard.


15. For hygienic reasons and safety of all visitors, full nudity is essential when in the bathing area.


16. Before using any shared bath for the first time, such as hot tubs and saunas, take a shower and wash your entire body thoroughly with soap, eliminating any impurities and any essences that come from outside Banho Urbano.


17. Always pay attention to the floor, which can be slippery in some areas, especially when wet.


18. When using the sauna, for hygienic reasons, leave your shoes outside and always sit on a towel. Never rest your feet on the bench's wood, always rest your feet over your towel.

19. When using the sauna, throw enough water over the stones to create a moist and pleasant environment. If you prefer higher humidity, please try our steam bath.

20. In the steam bath, for hygienic reasons, leave your towel, shoes and bathrobe outside and always clean your seat with the hand shower before and after using it.


21. For hygienic reasons, never enter the hot tub with your towel or bathrobe.

22. When entering the hot tub, ask other people if they mind before turning on the bubble blower in case it is off.

23. Avoid the long use of hot baths, such as saunas and hot tubs, always respecting your body's limits.


24. Always keep hot bath doors closed and avoid opening them unnecessarily.


25. Prefer light, rubberized shoes and try to wear them whenever outside of a communal bath.

26. Respect other people's silence. If you are in a group, talk in a low tone. If a new person enters the room where you are chatting, always ask if they mind continuing the conversation.


27. For safety and hygienic reasons, do not take soap or oils into the communal baths. Always take a shower before entering.


28. Always cool your body down between hot bath sessions. You can do this by waiting 5-10 minutes with your body uncovered in an open area or by taking an ice-cold shower or ice-cold bath before your next hot cycle.


29. Avoid eating heavy food before and during your visit to Banho Urbano.


30. Drink lots of water.


31. For safety reasons, do not bring any glass into the bathing area. We advise you to use metal bottles. You can bring your own bottle, and it must be empty upon check-in.


32. At the end of your day, take a shower, preferably cold, to avoid excessive sweating throughout the day.


33. Moisturize your skin and put on a fresh change of clothes.


34. Schedule your next visit as soon as possible. Regular use of warm and contrast showers is beneficial to your health.

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