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We have nothing to hide

When registering on our website, you choose the data you will provide. Some of them are essential for carrying out the sale operation and for tax reasons, such as personal, payment and delivery data. All information processed by Casa D'Jahú is intended to identify the public, user, their profile and purchasing habits, for management, administration, service, expansion and improvements in the products and services offered. Also for sending operational and commercial information relating to products and services.


Security, transparency and privacy are non-negotiable values ​​for us. Therefore, data registered on the site such as name, address, email and telephone are protected and kept confidential on the servers of our provider and platform, Wix. Payment data are used only at the time of purchase and are not registered or maintained on any server.


Our platform adopts secure measures to protect your data in accordance with the new GENERAL DATA PROTECTION LAW. We take care that all precautions to avoid loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access or improper subtraction of collected personal data are up to date in our online security protocol.


We commit to promptly correct any change requests relating to users' personal information;

Under no circumstances disclose the personal information of users registered on the site or market them; and Promptly remove any customer's contacts from any promotional newsletter mailing list upon request.

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